Environmental Related Business

We are certain that environmental operations are going to become one of the most important types of work for humanity in the 21st century.

We believe that keeping the earth clean for the future is one of the most important tasks given to human beings. Since its foundation, Matsuda has developed various businesses from the starting point of efficient utilization of resources. Matsuda's environmental operations arose from the meeting of the wealth of technology and know-how accumulated through this process with the needs of the times.
Matsuda's precious metal recycling operations began in 1935 with the recovery of silver from unnecessary photosensitive materials. By taking the processing technology developed over these long years and applying it to the processing of various other waste materials, Matsuda greatly developed its environmental operations. Even before the protection of the global environment became a strong demand as an obligation for all of humanity, Matsuda was already pouring its strength into this field. Matsuda will greatly expand these environmental operations for the 21st century.
Not only through further enlarging this region, but also through learning from user needs and technical innovation, Matsuda intends to contribute to creating the clean environment that the times demand.


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