Precious Metals Related Business

We are supporting various industries through the efficient utilization of precious metals

Our high-grade technology makes recycling of precious metals possible

Matsuda crushes and/or burns valuable wastes, assays them, and then refines them. We carry out all procesess under the high-grade technology. We collect, recover, and refine not only gold and silver, but and refine platinum, palladium and rhodium that are difficult to handle without our high-standard technology. The level of technology and the quantity we handle always put Matsuda in the top group in the industry.

Development of the high-technology electronic materials from precious metals

Matsuda has been applying its technologies and abilities to develop and manufacture various products of precious metals. Matsuda formed a joint venture company, NIPPON MICROMETAL CORPORATION, with NIPPON STEEL& SUMIKIN MATERIALS CO., LTD. (In order to meet the needs of the electronic industry), and then started producing lead materials for semiconductors such as gold bonding wire. Its high technology and solutions in the industry are highly appreciated by customers.

Our record and reliability of precious metals trading

Matsuda has a very strong position in the domestic precious metals trading in Japan. We are one of the authorized assayers of the Tokyo Commodity Exchange for gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Those ingots have been registered at LBMA (LONDON BULLION MARKET ASSOCIATION) and LPPM(LONDON・PLATINUM・PALLADIUM・MARKET) as well. The excellent quality of our products has been guaranteed worldwide.


We have developed many industrial products based on our unique vision

Besides precious metals, Matsuda supplies raw materials and compounds of aluminum, chromium, nickel, and soon. We also engage in manufacturing and selling plating chemicals, soldering, contact and scientific analysis tools, clean air filters, etc.

High level technological service for the electronics industry

Matsuda also offers precise cleaning for various apparatus used in the luctor/electric devices manufacturing process, such as PVD and CVD. We conduct the service in the optimum conditions for barrier-metal based materials and wire accumulated on shields, and use ultra-pure water in the final process. We recover and refine precious metal at the some time.


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