Precious Metals Related Business

Main Products/Service


Wiring connection materials

gold bonding wires (wire diameter: 18-100μm) microballs (gold, solder, etc.)

Film forming materials

sputtering targets (precious metals and high melting point materials)
materials for vapor deposition (precious metals, rare-metals), rare-metal sputtering targets


Precious metal materials

wires, rolled stock, alloy, solder

Precise cleaning of semiconductor manufacturing equipments

precise cleaning of film forming equipments such as PVD, CVD, and etching equipments,and recovering and refining precious metals reprocessing repair and commissioned processing of related jigs

Instruments for clean rooms

thermocouples,air filters, trays, etc.


Mesuring equipments

tools for thermocouple as well as chemical and physical analysis (platinum crucible, platinum plate, platinum instrument etc.)

Plating materials

Original precious metal plating chemicals, powders, chemical reagents, plated electric contacts, collecting and refining of precious metals from plating solution and parts


Catalyst materials

sorting and refining of platinum group precious metals from various chemical products and catalysts


industrial water treatment system, chlorine producing equipment

Recycling of precious metals

collecting and refining precious metals from semiconductors and electronic components


Jewelry materials

collecting and refining wire, rolled stock, alloys, and erosion products

Precious metal ingots

gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, etc.


Jewelry products

various types of jewelry,such as bridal diamonds,rings,necklaces,gold,silver,craft products,commemoratives,and gift products


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