Basic Policy Of Plant

Basic Ideal

Matsuda Sangyo Production Division recognizes that the preservation of the Earth, which is our home, is one of the most important topics for all humanity and carries out its activities taking into account the maintenance of the environment in all its business activities.

Basic Policies

Matsuda Sangyo Production Division pays constant and close attention to the company-wide slogan of "For Prosperity And a Beautiful Earth" in all its business activities, including recycling industrial resources and semiconductor manufactured parts cleaning and works aggressively to reduce the load on the environment and prevent pollution.

1. We strictly observe laws related to the environment and Saitama Prefecture and Iruma City ordinances and general plans.
2. In order to reduce the load on the environment and prevent pollution, we have set the items below as critical topics for our environmental targets and objectives, carry out activities, and review them periodically in order to make ongoing improvements of the global environment.
(1)We have established our own standards concerning emission gases and drain water in order to reduce the load on the environment.
(2)We promote the efficient utilization of the water, electricity, and heavy oil and other fuels we use in order to reduce our use of natural resources per unit.
(3)We promote reduction in the amount of waste material we generate and recycling.
3. We work on positive communication with global society, tackle environmental protection activities linked closely with the region, and contribute to the creation of a verdant, flourishing environment.
4. We promulgate these environmental policies thoroughly to all our employees through education and training and day-to-day management activities and also seek the understanding and cooperation of our suppliers and corporations with which we have cooperation relationships.

At our Production Headquarters Musashi plant and Iruma plant, Matsuda Sangyo has acquired the ISO14001 International Environment Standard certification from Japan Inspection QA (JICQA).


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