Organization Chart

Foods Division Marine Products Ⅰ Dept.
Marine Products Ⅱ Dept.
Agricultural Products Dept.
Livestock and Meat Dept.
Business Planning and Promotion Dept.
International Business Development Dept.
Quality Assurance Dept.
Metals/Environment Sales Division Sales and Marketing Ⅰ Dept.
Sales and Marketing Ⅱ Dept.
Sales and Marketing Ⅲ Dept.
Business Planning and Promotion Dept.
Business Administration Dept.
Metals/Environment International Business Division International Sales and Marketing Dept.
Precious Metals Recycling Division Recycling Business Dept.
Precious Metals Recycling Dept.
Precise Treatment Dept.
  Bullion and Commodity Operations Dept.
Precious Metals Material Division Industrial Products Dept.
Chemical Products Dept.
Environmental Solution Division Solution Bussines Dept.
Logistics Dept.
Production Dept.
Production Control Division Production Engineering Dept.
Production Management Dept.
  Technical Development Dept.
  Quality Assurance Dept.
  Administration Dept.
  Finance Dept.
  IR Dept.
  Corporate Management Planning Dept.
  Legal Dept.
  Human Resources Dept.
  General Affairs Dept.
  Internal Audit Dept.

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