Matsuda Sangyo Group* has established reporting contact points as part of its efforts to promote compliance. If you wish to make a report under the provisions of the Whistleblower Protection Act regarding any action or conduct that is or may be in violation of compliance policies or applicable laws or regulations by officers or employees of Matsuda Sangyo Group or its group companies, please do so in accordance with the following guidelines:

1 Eligible Users

  • Employees, dispatched employees and retirees of Matsuda Sangyo Group, and their families.
  • Stakeholders (interested parties), such as employees of Matsuda Sangyo Group’s business partners.

2 How to Use

  • Use the reporting email linked to the Homepage.
  • In general, you should clearly state your name when communicating with contact points or reporting. Please be advised that if you wish to remain anonymous, we may be unable to carry out a thorough fact-finding or take corrective measures, and may be unable to report the findings to you.

3 Notes Regarding Use

  • Any information that you communicate or report will be shared only with relevant parties to the minimum extent necessary to resolve your report, unless you otherwise consent.
  • You will not be subject to any adverse treatment by your employer or at your place of work on the ground that you contacted us or made a report.
  • The relevant internal departments of Matsuda Sangyo Group may contact or ask you questions in connection with the investigation of your report.
  • If the investigation finds that your report is false, defamatory, or made for other improper purposes, your name may be made public and criminal charges may be brought against you.
  • If you wish to know the investigation findings, the responsible internal department of Matsuda Sangyo Group will contact you with them. Please note that we cannot inform you of the investigation findings if you do not provide us with your name, business partner company, department, and/or contact information. In addition, please be advised that there also may be cases in which we cannot inform you of investigation findings.

*“Matsuda Sangyo Group” refers to Matsuda Sangyo Co., Ltd. and all companies in which Matsuda Sangyo Co., Ltd. directly or indirectly owns a majority of the outstanding shares with voting rights or equity interests or has a substantial controlling interest.