Enriching Quality of Life with Our Quality Food

Matsuda Sangyo’s Food Business Segment mainly procures marine products such as surimi fish paste, shellfish, and shrimp, agricultural products such as frozen and dried vegetables, and livestock products such as meat and eggs, from countries around the world to provide safe and reliable food materials to customers.

Who we are, and what we are aiming for.


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Matsuda Sangyo’s strengths


Through our procurement network that extends across the world, we deliver carefully selected food materials with high cost performance to our customers.


We carry out primary processing to meet the needs of customers, facilitate the processing processes of our customers, and contribute to reducing food loss.


We strive to uncover new needs, working alongside our customers as their best partner.


We have established an independent Quality Assurance Dept. to deliver safe and reliable food products through efforts such as providing guidance to production areas and setting up tracing systems.