Policy for Responsible Management of Precious Metals

In the transaction of precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium), Matsuda Sangyo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "The Company") sets as basic policy to avoid transaction to each company located in high-risk area of human rights abuse, money laundering, etc. and to prohibit provision of fund for conflict and terrorism. In accordance with the responsible guidance established by LBMA and LPPM, The Company conducts due diligence of the supply chain for precious metals as follows.

  • Establishment of Management System
    The Company shall set an executive officer for precious metals management. The Company shall conduct responsible management of precious metals in accordance with management system established by management representative who is appointed by the executive officer.
  • Identification and Assessment of Risks
    The Company defines as high-risk counterparties who handle precious metals involved with human rights abuse, money laundering and conflict or terrorist financing. The Company shall conduct risk assessment to counterparties periodically. If a counterparty is judged high-risk company, The Company shall not deal with that counterparty.
  • Monitoring the Transactions and Retaining Records
    The Company shall periodically monitor transactions needed to responsible management of precious metals, and shall retain relevant records appropriately.
  • Employee Training
    The Company shall provide necessary training for all employees who are involved in the responsible management of precious metals.
  • Third-party Audits
    The Company shall periodically undergo audits conducted by independent third-party for the system of responsible precious metals management and its operational status.

Established: April 1, 2014
Revised: July 25, 2019
Yoshiaki Matsuda
Matsuda Sangyo Co., Ltd.

  • (Notes)
  • LBMA: London Bullion Market Association
  • LPPM: London Platinum and Palladium Market
  • The responsible guidance established by LBMA and LPPM: Responsible Gold Guidance, Responsible Silver Guidance and Responsible Platinum and Palladium Guidance

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